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MTF Benefits

1. Lowest Interest Rate In The Industry 11.99%.
2. Buy Now And Pay Later.
3. Book Your Profits Whenever Required.
4. Hold It For A Longer Period.

Details MTF NRML
Holding Days 365 Days Trade + 5 + 2
Interest % 11.99 %
MTF Margin Details
Stock Category Initial Margin & Maintenance Margin
Initial Margin & Maintenance Margin
Set-In Platform
Group I Stock Available
For Trading in F&O Segment
VaR + 3 Times Applicable ELM VaR + 4 Times Applicable ELM
With Min Margin of 40%
Group I Stock Other
Than F&O Stocks
VaR + 5 Times ELM VAR + 6 Times ELM
With Min Margin of 40%
How does MTF work?

Pledge approved securities. ⟹⟹ Transfer Securities To Pledge DP Account. ⟹⟹ Get Margin Added To Your MTF Account. ⟹⟹ Place Order For Purchasing Shares & Securities. ⟹⟹ Repay The Availed Margin Amount. ⟹⟹ Get The Shares To Your Trading Account.

Dos & Don'ts While Trading With MTF

✓ You can purchase and pledge only the approved shares and securities.
✓ While placing orders for the approved securities using .exe or mobile applications, use the product code as "MTF".
✓ In case of purchasing unapproved stocks, use the product code as "CNC" for placing the order.
✓ The excess balance in your normal trading account will not be transferred to your MTF account unless requested through mail. You can drop a mail to, requesting for transferring the balance from your normal account to the MTF account. However, the company holds rights to move the balance from the normal account to the margin account without any notice to the client if there is shortfall in the margin.
✓ An interest of 11.99%p.a. will be charged on the funded value adjusting the cash margin if any. If the MTF is availed only by pledging the shares and securities, interest is calculated on a daily basis on the entire funded amount and interest is charged at the end of the month.

You can go through the attached PDF for our Terms and conditions on MTF account.

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